Get Rid of Flatulence with these Five Amazing Foods  

Get Rid of Flatulence with these Five Amazing Foods

We all experience bloating from time to time- you have to admit this fact. It is the natural phenomena in the human body that makes us fart and make the stomach feel full.

This feeling is not only physically uncomfortable but also might affect our social lives, mood and self- esteem. So why does it happen? And how to stop it?

Bloating, farting, flatulence or excessive stomach gas is the gas produced in the body naturally but sometimes excessively due to overeating, smoking, stress, consumption of fatty and spicy foods and gas producing foods. There can also be many other causes of flatulence that trigger the accumulation of excessive gas in the stomach.

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You cannot eliminate the natural process of producing gas in the body but you can reduce the excessive puff up through making wiser food choices and a few lifestyle changes.

So here is the list of the magical foods that you can try to block bloating and feel like yourself again.

Five Bloat- Blocking Foods to get rid of flatulence

You can easily get rid of flatulence by making these foods an important part of your lives:

Rice – Fully Digested Carbohydrates

There are carbohydrates that are either indigestible or partially digested in the gut after consumption. Especially these foods, like fiber rich food, should be avoided because when they are not digested in the body, they can further ferment and can build up gas thereby causing bloating in the stomach.

So rice can be a good substitute to such carbohydrates, according to the American College of Gastroenterology. You can also use rice flour instead of wheat and corn in order to avoid stomach gas buildup. Rice is a good food choice that is fully digestible in the small intestine thereby leaving the least potential to form gases in the stomach.

Banana – Rich in Potassium

It is suggested by recent studies that bloating might not be always associated with gas producing foods. High sodium intake can also cause bloating. Sodium is present in large quantities in junk foods that always attracts today’s generation. The reason is because sodium has the ability to retain water in the body causing the stomach to bloat.

So, maintaining potassium- sodium balance in a diet can help maintain water balance. If you have taken a salty meal this evening, try to balance it out using a banana.

Yogurt – The Contributor to Your Gut Bacteria

It is often shown that bloating and flatulence might be caused by the impaired function of the bacteria in the gut or their lack of balance. So, one way to the bloat is to make sure that you are taking yogurt, which is the source of active cultures of bacteria.

Make it a habit of having yogurt with your meals regularly to increase the amount of good bacteria (probiotics) in your digestive tract that facilitates digestion and prevents bloating. You can use non- fat and non- sweetened yogurt in your meals to get your bloat blocked.

Herbal Tea – Antispasmodic

Peppermint tea has been used for centuries to treat digestive ailments including bloating and stomach gas. The fact behind the effectiveness of this tea is that it has antispasmodic properties that activates anti- pain channel in the gut, thereby relieving pain and stomach gas.

For quick relief of bloating and flatulence, you need to take a sip of peppermint tea to help relax the digestive tract and help it to return to normal peristalsis movement.

Water – Anti-toxin

Water is known for a number of positive effects for the human body including its anti-toxin properties. Not only does it help to avoid overeating when taken before meals, but also helps to flush out all the toxins produced in the body that impairs digestion, when taken in the morning. So drinking plenty of water can help to relieve bloating and flatulence in no time.

Remember that foods that we eat affect the human body in different ways. Using these foods, it is hoped that you will be able to avoid bloating and flatulence.

But, if you still have difficulty with stomach gas, then you need to see your doctor or you can try effective home remedies to get rid of flatulence in no time.

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