How to Deal with Flatulence

How to Deal with Flatulence

Flatulence can strike at the least expected moments, leading to much embarrassment. Flatus is not very serious but at times it can cause much pain and discomfort. Passing gas is considered a social taboo and is a topic that is rarely discussed.

Holding in excess gas can result in pain to the intestinal muscles, cramping, headache, and dizziness. If you don’t want to be locked in a cocoon of isolation by the fear of breaking wind in public, it’s good to learn ways of dealing with excessive gas.

Facts about intestinal gas

  • Women produce less gas than men, worse though; flatus from women is more foul-smelling, and this may vary by size/weight/eating habits, and physical condition.
  • Gas is either dissipated via the rectum or the lungs after absorption into the blood stream.
  • Intestinal gas is a mixture of up to 5 gases. One percent of the gas produces odor.
  • It’s very healthy and normal to break wind 10-22 times a day.

Many factors contribute to intestinal gas and it is always best to consult a doctor for testing and diagnosis. The real cause can be determined by dietary habits, medical history and physical condition. Click Here for flatulence cure ebook reviews.

In order to tame flatulence you need to be sure of all these factors. Many believe they are suffering from flatulence when they are not, keep a record of how many times you break wind for the last two weeks. If the average is above the norm consider possible remedies.

The following are some things to do to deal with excessive gas.

1. Know the real cause

In most cases flatulence results from the activity of bacteria in the colon; This means our diets are the main cause of gas; however there are causes apart from this; Things like constipation, artificial additives, swallowing air, food intolerance and other medical conditions.

Knowing the real cause will help you to choose the best way of dealing with flatulence.

2. Avoid gassy foods

Some of the foods we eat tend to cause flatulence, adhere to a strict diet that comprises foods that rarely cause gas. Avoid meals that contain high contents of complex polysaccharides which are difficult to digest. This will help reduce the amount of intestinal gas produced. Are you looking to cure flatulence?

3. If you are lactose intolerant avoid dairy food/products.

Most dairy products contain lactose, for people who do not produce enough of enzyme lactase; it is difficult to digest this sugar. It is advisable to avoid dairy  if you want to succeed in controlling the amount of gas your digestive system produces. Download this ebook.

4. If you are on medication consult  pharmacist.

The medicine you are taking might be the cause of flatulence. Ask for further ways on how to take your medicines so that you can reduce or eliminate flatulence.

5. If you are stressed you might be swallowing excess air.

Discuss it with your doctor and get a remedy and try to avoid swallowing air. Treating your stress will provide many health benefits besides reducing the amount of gas you produce.

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6. Try eating smaller amounts of food but more frequently.

Chew food slowly and thoroughly, this trick gives your digestive system an easy task, faster digestion of food keeps gas production at low levels.

7. Avoid foods that are associated with strong odors.

How To Deal With Flatulence

Stay away from broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and drinking beer. Consider taking artificial products that absorb odors; Shreddies garments that are made from carbon cloth are best in absorbing odors, carbon pads can also absorb 55%-77% of odors.

8. Take over the counter supplements.

Take lactase supplements, activated charcoal tablets, simethicone and beano. These agents bring a calming effect to your stomach and prevent flatulence.

9. Try other alternatives such as probiotics.

probiotics encourage the growth of micro flora in the colon providing the ideal environment for good bacteria to thrive. When this beneficial bacteria increases, it acts on food faster and does not allow gas to build up. Click Here for reviews.

Our Final Thoughts!

If you suffer from flatulence then it is wise to ditch bad lifestyle choices that you have made; Adopt a safe and cheaper way of living as this will greatly benefit your body. Avoid alcohol if you identify this as one of the causes of flatulence. Adopt good eating habits to avoid any future embarrassments, and regret.

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