How to Prevent Flatulence

How to Prevent Flatulence

Flatulence is a natural bodily function, and can be prevented by making adjustments to our diets. Excessive gassiness can cause discomfort especially when you are around others.

In order to curb this problem you must understand the real causes. The most common causes of flatulence are harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, excessive swallowed air and slow bowel movements. This article will provide some important tips on how to prevent flatulence.

1. Prepare beans and other legumes well

Do legumes Cause Flatulence

The main reason why beans and other legumes cause flatulence is because they are difficult to digest. Preparing legumes in a special way can give the digestive system an easy task and help prevent flatulence. The following are tips on how to prepare legumes and beans.

  • Use dried beans

Dried beans are cheaper and healthier than canned beans. Avoid canned beans as they contain bisphenol and salts that affects our endocrine system amongst other health related issues. In our family, we eat prepared dried beans without fear.

  • Soaking beans

Before cooking beans soak them for no less than 8 hours, this will help decrease the level of phytic acid content. This acid binds to minerals and vitamins making them unavailable for use; Soaking beans also helps break the chains of oligosaccharides, thus making it easier for the digestive system to quickly break them down.

  • Rinse your beans

Soaking beans releases phytates and starches, the reason we drain and rinse them is to completely eliminate these components. After soaking your beans, rinse them well and transfer them to a pot with clean water for boiling.

  • Add kombu to boiling water

Kombu is a seaweed and just like kelp it adds minerals and vitamins to your meal, besides making them digestible. You can also try other spices that make beans digestible such as ginger, fennel and cumin.  Kombu is the King of Seaweed!

  • Practice moderation

Introducing beans gradually helps your digestive system adjust, start with small amounts and increase serving sizes with time. This will help you reap the benefits of this nutrient powerhouse and this will help you in preventing flatulence.

2. Avoid swallowing air

One cause for flatulence is air that we swallow, by avoiding swallowing air we are decreasing the amount of flatulence that might occur. Learn to adopt good eating habits like eating with your mouth closed and eating slowly as this will help decrease the chances of swallowing excess air.

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3. Keep a food diary

By keeping a food diary you can easily master the trend of your stomach response to certain meals. If a change is noticed you can easily adjust and opt for meals that are not affecting you.

4. Taking digestive supplements

These supplements can be bought over the counter. They contain digestive enzymes that help the body digest sugars found in beans, hence reducing the amount of gas produced in the intestines. Some supplements like beano can be taken before eating while others are added to food when cooking. It’s good to get enough information about these supplements so as to select the one that will help curb flatulence in the best way.

How To Prevent Flatulence

5. Try activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is different from common charcoal as it is treated in a special way. Once taken, activated charcoal attaches to gut fluids and helps reduce flatus in the intestinal tracts.

6. Avoid artificial sweeteners

Many ‘sugar-free’ foods contain alcohol sugars like sorbitol, erythritol, maltitol, and xylitol. These sugars are not easily digested in the small intestine and can lead to gas build up.

7. Don’t fill up with air!

Avoid habits like smoking or chewing gum as they lead to excessive swallowed air. Excessive air in the intestinal tract can lead to flatulence.

8. Take a chill pill

Chill pills can help reduce excess anxiety and stress. Stress and anxiety makes you breathe faster than normal increasing the amount of air you take in, this excess air can lead to flatulence. When you take a chill pill, emotional stress is put under control, this helps curb production of hydrochloric acid which might cause gas build up in your stomach.

9. Combine foods properly

Combining food properly can help speed up bowel movements. What does this mean by combing foods? It is best not to combine certain food groups, for example, do not mix foods that contain carbohydrates with foods that contain proteins....

Our Final Conclusion:

The key to preventing flatulence from occurring is to understand how your body reacts to certain foods; Avoid all foods that can cause flatulence and opt for meals that provide suitable alternatives. Waiting for flatulence to strike again?

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